Submission date for Draft Poolbeg Planning Scheme extended

Following requests from interested parties, the Docklands Authority has extended the date for submissions, comments and questions on the Draft Poolbeg Planning Scheme to 4pm on Friday May 8th. Copies of the Draft Poolbeg Planning Scheme and the related Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will remain available for inspection at the Docklands Authority’s office until noon on the 8th of May 2009. A copy of the Draft Planning Scheme may be purchased for €30: the EIS for €40, the Non Technical Summary of the EIS for €5 from the Docklands Authority’s offices. Copies of these documents are also available free of charge on CD from the Docklands Authority office or can be downloaded at

The overall vision for the development of the Poolbeg Peninsula is to create an urban waterside quarter that facilitates sustainable and consolidated growth of Dublin city and articulates a new relationship between the city and the bay. It is planned that the new quarter will provide for commercial, residential, cultural and amenity uses, whilst balancing the essential industrial and infrastructural requirements of the area. The recreational and amenity potential will be enhanced through a landscape and environmental framework, designed to optimise the natural resources of the peninsula.

Paul Maloney, Chief Executive said that since April 2007 when the Docklands Authority received an order from the Minister, directing the preparation of this draft planning scheme, a considerable amount of consultation had been undertaken. “The Planning Scheme has been prepared following engagement with all stakeholders including the landowners, local communities, utility companies, state and semi-state bodies over the period in advance of this formal public consultation phase. We have also met with many of the residents from the Ringsend, Irishtown, Sandymount and Poolbeg areas, and the Docklands Council members to capture their vision for the area and understand their concerns. This consultation has been invaluable in informing the development and the production of the draft Planning Scheme. It will continue not only during the consultation but over the full period of implementation and as development occurs in the area. The Poolbeg Peninsula occupies a unique gateway location on Dublin bay, and provides an outstanding opportunity to create a new sustainable living and working community within just two kilometres from O’Connell Street. We are now inviting all interested parties to participate in the public consultation process”, he said.

The Planning Scheme will provide the framework to deliver the long term social, economic, planning and environmental benefits for Poolbeg. Four separate planning zones have been identified for development. Overall the potential floor space will be in the region of 736,000 square metres equating to a potential 10,100 residents and a potential working population of 16,000 people. The proposed development will be medium rise with set building heights.

Given the unique natural setting of the Poolbeg Peninsula there is considerable emphasis on the creation of open space and the enhancement of the natural environment. The Planning Scheme aims to conserve and enhance the area’s ecology and biodiversity, complementing the existing nature conservations areas and creating new areas of ecological value and green spaces. New open spaces are planned including beach parks; nature routes and a linear ecological park.

The Docklands Authority recognises that transport improvements are an essential and integral part of the Planning Scheme, and heavy emphasis is placed on the provision of quality public transport in the form of a Docklands Rapid Transport System and the delivery of a Luas link or similar public transport in the latter stages of the development. Innovative measures such as a cycle share system, the use of car pooling, car clubs and water based transport are also encouraged.

The delivery of community facilities in parallel with commercial and residential developments will be achieved through a new type of phased community development scheme, whereby the developers will be required to deliver from an agreed prioritised list of Community Gain projects in the area. These will include a donation to the Docklands Community Trust Fund; Community Recreational Facilities; youth facilities; play facilities; a Community Arts & Cultural Centre and a Heritage and Biodiversity Centre.

Written submissions are invited before a final draft Planning Scheme is prepared for consideration by the Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Submissions, comments or questions may be made in writing and delivered no later than 4.00pm on Friday 8th May 2009 to: The Secretary, Dublin Docklands Development Authority,52-55 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Docklands, Dublin 2 or by email to