Wimperis, John Thomas (1829-1904)

John Thomas Wimperis was born in 1829 and commenced practice in London some time before 1866. From 1875 onwards he was particularly associated with the Grosvenor Estate in London, initially speculatively for Mark Patrick & Sons, builders. He was admitted FRIBA on 19 February 1877, his proposers being Thomas Cundy, Charles Henry Cooke and Raphael Brandon, for some or all of whom he may have worked: his nomination paper gives no details. In 1887 he was appointed one of the Grosvenor Estate’s approved architects, and in that capacity was the selected by the Earl of Aberdeen to design a house at 27 Grosvenor Square, the Earl’s original intention to have it designed in his own estate office having been vetoed by the Duke of Westminster. Although Wimperis and the Earl remained on good terms he does not seem to have designed anything on the Scottish estates. In 1889 Wimperis took into partnership William Henry Arber, born 1849, who had been articled to him in 1866, had remained as an assistant, and had been admitted ARIBA on 4 March 1878, his proposers being Wimperis, Cooke and Arthur Cates. He became FRIBA on 4 December 1893, his proposers being Octavius Hansard, Professor Robert Kerr and Wimperis. Wimperis retired in 1898 and died on 21 December 1904.