Corson, George (1829-1910)

George Corson was born in Dumfries in 1829, the son of James Corson, Provost 1831-33. He was articled to Walter Newall of Dumfries, and at the end of his articles in 1849 moved to Leeds to join his elder brother William Reid Corson, also a pupil of Newall, who had formed a partnership with Edward La Trobe Bateman after both had spent a period working for Owen Jones in 1847. Bateman’s stay in Leeds was brief, and in 1860 William Corson opened an office in Manchester, leaving George in charge of the Leeds office at 5 South Parade. In 1871 Corson moved office to 13 Cambridge Street, moving again to number 25 in the same street c.1876. He had a hugely successful practice.