1904 – Coachmans Cottage, Cavenham, Suffolk

Architect: A.N. Prentice


Perspective view including ground & 1st floor plans published in “Modern Cottage Architecture” 1904. “This cottage is provided with water and electric light from the stables. The roof was thatched with reeds grown on the estate by an old thatcher whose services were fortunately obtained in the neighbourhood. Good thatcher are now becoming very scarce. Her performed the whole job with the aid of his son, and he is responsible for the curious shape of the gable top. The thatch is about 15 inches thick and is bound down with heavy cord to wood fillets. The other materials used were oak half-timbering and local red bricks, and the upper parts of the walls were finished in plaster on a cement backing.” A.N. Prentice was responsible for a few buildings on the Cavenham estate, including gate lodges and smaller residences, as well as the main house.