1899 – Group of 5 Workmans Cottages, Port Sunlight, Cheshire

Architect: Maurice B. Adams


“The housing question, now so prominently before the public, imparts a special interest to projects such as that realised at Port Sunlight, Cheshire, where the proprietors, Messrs. Lever Bros., have built one of the most picturesque villages to be found anywhere, and in many ways it is unique. We have already illustrated the schools and village shop, as well as some of the dwellings designed by leading architects. The examples we have given are by Messrs. Ernest George and Yeats, Messrs. Douglas and Fordham, Messrs. Grayson and Ould, Messrs. Lockwood and Sons. and Mr. Ernest Newton. The group of live cottages published to-day takes its place in the same colony. The walling of these houses is executed in Ruabon red thin bricks, tile hanging, rough-cast and timber work being sparingly used. The roofs are covered with Ruabon tiles. The whole effect depends upon picturesque outline and a broad treatment of the parts, rigid economy being essential. This group forms one of the blocks designed for Messrs. Lever by Mr. Maurice B. Adams, F.R.I.B.A., architect.” Published in The Building News, March 3 1899.