1881 – St. Edward’s School, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Architect: William Wilkinson


St Edwards School was founded in 1863 at New Inn Hall Street in central Oxford by the Revd Thomas Chamberlain, Senior Student (Fellow) of Christ Church Oxford and Vicar of St Thomas’s Church near the railway station. It was one of a number of schools founded by Chamberlain, a passionate adherent of the Oxford Movement, the great Anglo-Catholic revival of the middle of the nineteenth century, and the only one to survive. It was soon realised that the School could not grow and expand on its central Oxford site, and in 1873 moved to the current Summertown site on the Woodstock Road. The School grew under the leadership of Algernon Barrington Simeon, whose “dream” was to construct a collection of monastic-style buildings around a central Quad, the second largest Quad in Oxford after Christ Church.

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