1881 – New Offices, Abbey Wharf, Reading, Berkshire

Architect: William Ravenscroft


Perspective View including ground plan & key published in The Building News, March 4th 1881. “This building, which is now almost completed, has been erected to meet the growing wants of Messrs. Ridley and Sons, timber-merchants, of Reading and Staines. The work is of simple character, but is substantial in construction. The half-timber work is of solid oak, filled in with brickwork and plaster, the oak generally being left as it came from the saw, and without application of stain or paint, &c. The light for offices is chiefly obtained from the side of the building overlooking the timber-yards, because the roadway being narrow, and the traffic of heavy timber over it considerable, it was thought desirable, both on the score of safety and quietness, to adopt this arrangement. Mr. W. Ravenscroft, of Reading, is the architect.”