1881 – Business Premises, 35 North St. Manchester Square, London

Architect: Walter Hensman


“These premises, in the occupation of Messrs. T. Jennings and Son, engineers and lift-makers, consist of entrance-space and storage-rooms, on the ground and basement floors, and show- room on the first floor, the space above being used as a dwelling. The main workshops form a separate building in the rear. Attention has been paid to the method of dealing with the heavy goods of the business as regards loading and unloading. The vans can drive inside the building, or the iron derrick, shown on the drawing, will lift from a cart standing in the street, and either lower on to a small truck running on a tramway right into the workshops at back, or will lower directly into the basement, through an opening left by the light, in front of shop-window, travelling back on wheels. The brackets terminating in heads, on the upper part of front, can be used for raising goods, and in addition fur slinging a cradle, kept on the premises, so that painting or repairs can at any time be done to the front without ladders or scaffolding.” Published in The Building News, September 16 1881.

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