1880 – St. Mary Magdalen’s College, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Architect: Bodley & Garner


“We give illustrations of these important new buildings. One is a bird’s-eye view, showing the new buildings completed. At present the south and east elevations only are being carried out. It will be seen that the design is in harmony with old Oxford work, and, indeed, with that of Magdalen College, which is, perhaps, the most beautiful of all the Oxford colleges. The pre- sent work adds thirty sets of rooms, of good dimensions, for undergraduates, two sets for fellows, and lecture-room, &c. The foundations are in, and the work will be continued in the early spring. The design is by G. F. Bodley .and T. Gamer, architects, of 11 South-square, Gray’s Inn. The view is made looking west from the existing buildings.” Perspective published in The Building News, December 24th 1880.