1879 – City of London School, London

Architect: T.E. Collcutt


Published finalist in design competition to design a new building for the City of London School. Described as a ‘Practical’ Design for the school competition, published in The Building News, September 5th 1879. “We have already published the first premiated and selected design for these new buildings, and to-day we devote a double-page plate to the illustration of one of the most striking designs submitted. We are certainly of the opinion that it should have obtained some place in the award, even though we might hesitate in saying that it ought to have been selected for execution in preference to the one now determined upon. Anyway, our readers cannot fail to appreciate the ‘publication of so suggestive an elevation. The motto was “Practical,” and the author is Mr. Thos. E. Collcutt, architect.”