1875 – Spenfield, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: George Corson


From The Architect, September 11, 1875: This house is now in course of erection for Mr. J.W. Osseit, on an elevated site about 3 miles from Leeds, adjoining the Leeds and Otley Road. The view shows the south-east and south-west fronts, the entrance being from the south-west.

Tho walls are of Potternewton pitch-faced stones, lined with brick; the dressings are of Weetwood sandstone, boasted; and the roofs are covered with Westmoreland slates.

The principal rooms are entered from a central saloon, one side of which, opposite the entrance door and porch, has an open arcade of three arches, earned by marble pillars, two and two together. The staircase ascends through one of these, and enters the upper saloon through a somewhat similar arcade. A gallery runs round the saloon, so as to allow the lower saloon to bo lighted from above as well as from the staircase -window. A glass screen divides the staircase from the fernery, and the conservatory will be entered from the latter. There are three rooms of equal size on the ground floor, each 27 feet by 18 feet, with bow windows of varying form in addition, and a smaller room with an octagon angle bow to be used as a library.

The kitchens are placed at the back, with larders, &c., attached, in an enclosed yard. Stables, with groom’s house attached, and an entrance lodge, will be built some distance from the houae, adjoining the public road.

The original drawing was in the last Academy Exhibition.

The architect is Mr. George Corson, of Leeds ; the masons are Messrs. W. Wilson & Sons, and the joiners Messrs. Potter & Tordoff, both of Headingley; slaters, Messrs. Watson & WorMald; plumber, Mr. J. Lindley; plasterer, Mr. J. Fkanks; and painter, Mr. Pollard, all of Leeds

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