1862 – New Library, Middle Temple, London

Architect: H.R. Abraham



Destroyed during air raids during the Second World War.
From The Building News, January 3, 1862: Three or four months ago the Prince of Wales publicly opened the new JL Library which Mr. Abraham has designed and Mr. Myers has built for the Honorable Society of the Middle Temple. In our Volume for I860, at pages 330 and 647, we gave full descriptions of the work ; and at page 139 of the Volume just completed we engraved a view of the riverfront””then misnamed the ” Inner ” Temple Library. We now publish a view from the north-east, showing the principal entrance.

The main apartment is 85 feet long by 42 feet brood, and occupies the whole of the principal story. Its sides are lined with bookcases, and in the windows over them blaze the arms of the various Treasurers. All the work is executed in the best manner: the metal work is by Hart; the glass is by Ward, of Soho. The stone carving of Mr. Myers needs no word of praise; it is well known, and its excellent quality is universally acknowledged. The building is altogether, perhaps, the best specimen of modern Gothic work to be seen in a civil building in all London.

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