Limerick renewal plan to be unveiled

The Director of Limerick’s regeneration project has admitted he will present the Government with master plans “at probably the worst time in 20 years”. However, Limerick Regeneration chief executive Brendan Kenny is confident the State’s largest regeneration project will get the support it needs from the Government, regardless of the economic slowdown. The master plans for the regeneration of Moyross, Southill, Ballinacurra, Weston and St Mary’s Park housing estates will be presented at a joint meeting of the Northside and Southside regeneration boards on September 15th. Once the boards approve the plans, they will be presented to the various Government departments to facilitate the planning process. Some 3,000 houses will be demolished and refurbished as part of the project, which will see the total transformation of Limerick’s four big council estates. While no cost has been put on the regeneration plan, the overall bill could top �1 billion.

The Irish Times