Council assessing plan for damaged church

Dublin City Council says it is in discussion with the “reputed owner” of a former Methodist Church in the north city that was partly demolished without permission earlier this week. The front and left side of the building, on Jones’s Road in Dublin 3, had been razed by JCBs on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and the works rendered the building unsafe in the opinion of the council. A spokeswoman for the council said the reputed owner has been in discussion with its building inspector and has submitted a proposal that is being assessed to ascertain if it will make the building safe. The council issued an enforcement notice demanding the reinstatement of the former church and schoolhouse and its railings, as well as the cessation of unauthorised demolition on the site. John Reilly, buildings inspector with the council, said the structure was not a listed building, but since new rules were introduced in June, permission was required to demolish an industrial building greater than 100sq m.

The Irish Times