Cork’s ‘North Mon’ to be refurbished

A former school building in Cork has been purchased by the city council at a cost of �1.25 million and is set to be transformed in to a cultural centre. The red brick “North Mon” school on Cork’s north side, which dates back to 1811, is to be refurbished next year for possible use as a photographic museum and/or cultural centre. The school building has been out of use for a number of years having been replaced by a new premises. Cork City Council has agreed to buy the building from the Christian Brothers, with the first phase of renovation expected to be completed by 2010. North Monastery is due to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2011. The green area in front of the historic school will be maintained as a park. Meanwhile, Cork City Council has also issued a draft local area plan for Farranferris college in Cork’s north side. The former secondary-school site has been designated as a training/educational facility, while a portion of the grounds is being zoned for recreational and residential development.

The Irish Times