Bank of Ireland redevelopment refused permission


Dublin City Council has refused permission for the redevelopment of the Bank of Ireland on Baggot Street. According to the city’s planning department, “The Bank of Ireland complex is a protected structure as it is one of the most important modernist buildings in Ireland. The Planning Authority is not satisfied that the Bank of Ireland complex cannot be upgraded without having an adverse impact on the protected exterior of the structure. It is considered that the proposed development would: not protect the special character of the protected façade; have a significant undesirable impact on the integrity and Miesian character of the complex; have a significant visual impact detracting from the character of the conservation area and surrounding Georgian streetscape; Enclose an urban space to which the public presently have access; and reduce permeability through the site. The proposed development would therefore: seriously detract from the character of a protected structure and conservation area; be contrary to the provisions of the DoEHLG ‘Guidelines for Planning Authorities – Architectural Heritage Protection’; be contrary to the provisions of the Dublin City Development Plan 2005-2011; and be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”