Arts Council announces study into Public Engagement with Architecture

logo-artscouncilirelandThe Arts Council is pleased to announce that it is currently undertaking research into the public’s engagement with architecture in Ireland. The Arts Council has commissioned a team, led by Mullan Consulting, to carry out this study. The team will identify and assess supports for the public’s engagement with architecture, it will also examine current supports for public engagement with architecture in Ireland. As an advocate for the highest standards in architecture, the Arts Council proposes that such standards can only be achieved if there is greater general awareness of the potential of architecture to improve the quality of our daily lives. This project will give suggestions and options to the Council as to how it may best support public awareness of, and engagement with, architecture in Ireland in the future.

Speaking today, Claire Doyle, Head of Visual Arts and Architecture said, “The Arts Council is committed to raising public awareness of the artistic nature of architecture, and this study will provide the Council with critical information as to how this might best be achieved.”

The research team includes Dominic Mullan, Richard Wakeley and Alan Mee. Dominic Mullan is an independent consultant specialising in evaluation, facilitation, strategy and research. Richard Wakely is an independent producer and arts management consultant. Alan Mee is a practicing architect and Director of Urban Design at University College Dublin. The research will be led for the Arts Council by Emmett Scanlon, Architecture Adviser.