3W and DDDA Press Release on U2 Landmark Tower


To put an end to the speculation on the U2 tower competition, 3W and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority have agreed to issue this joint statement which outlines the facts.

Up and coming modern architectural practice 3W Architects of London, UK were the designers of a building, which, although disqualified, had been considered as a potential winner by the competition jury.

The Authority has confirmed that an entry for the competition was received from 3W. The entry was disqualified by the Competition Registrar under the Competition Regulations because no entry form was found with the entry. The 3W entry was erroneously given to the jury for consideration and the jury were collectively very impressed by the work. However, as the entry was disqualified, it could not be selected or commended.

3W Partner Andrew Wells says: “We triple checked our entry to ensure that it was complete in every respect before sending it in, and were absolutely distraught to discover that our entry had found favour with the jury — but was disqualified. A building such as this would have launched a practice like 3W into a different league and all at the office are very saddened that their skill and talent has not been fulfilled”.

The Authority commented that “while 3W Architects dispute the facts upon which the disqualification was made nevertheless they have accepted that the Regulations provide that the Registrar’s decision on such matters is final'”.

The competition jury was chaired by Dr. Arthur Gibney, a past president of the Royal Institution of Architects of Ireland, and included Adam Clayton of U2 fame, James Barrett the Dublin City Architect and two board members of the Authority, Donal Curtin and Joan O’Connor (also a past president of the RIAI).

3W Partner Stuart Walker adds: “Unfortunately, nothing can be proved either way, but 3W would like the Authority and the architectural community to recognise that their scheme could have been the winner. 3W would also like to congratulate the recently announced winner and feel desperately sorry that this situation has taken away some of the shine from this win”.

Peter Coyne, Chief Executive of the Authority, said ” That the work of 3W was put to the jury was our mistake but this did not affect the outcome of the competition. There is no doubt that 3W’s design is a most impressive piece of work which merits notice. However, BDA/Craig Henry Architects are the only winners of the competition and I would not want this matter to take anything away from that. The Authority is delighted with the jury recommendation and we are now working to bring the concept design forward into a reality.”