Moscow railway stations

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Moscow railway stations

Postby danielgosling » Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:45 am


I'm a final year student from Trinity College in Dublin. I'm majoring in Russian language
and I have chosen to write my dissertation about architecture in Moscow. The buildings I am
covering are the 19th century railway stations built before the revolution.

I lived in Moscow, at the State University, on a scholarship program
in 2005 and the city scape and architecture really interest me. I have
no official training or background in architecture but I am passionate
to pursue this topic for my final year. I am now in the process of
gathering books and information; I have already ordered several from
Moscow publishers, and am in contact with some photographers. I will
go to Moscow for 4 weeks between the 9th December 2007 and the 6th
January 2008 to gather more information and enroll in a language
school. I was hopeful that someone on this forum would either be interested by this topic
or that you would have some contacts who could help me or put me in touch with
someone who can. I speak good Russian and I have already sent emails
to all the major Russian architectural institutes in Moscow, yet have
received no replies as yet. I suspect that they might have confused my
email with spam.

Thank you and I hope to hear back from you. Daniel.
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