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Tate Modern

Postby MG » Wed Apr 26, 2000 8:34 am

I saw a programme on Channel 4 on Saturday night about. It lokks absolutely brilliant especially the former turbine hall with its "ligh boxes on the walls"
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Postby pzipzina » Fri May 05, 2000 7:23 pm

I agree. I liked the program and the way it gave an insite to how a large scale building development works. Funny the way in episode one that everything that could go wrong did, unfortunatly, go wrong.
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Postby Bonzo » Thu Jun 08, 2000 5:10 pm

Check out our own potential Tate Modern gallery in the guise of the Guinness Brewery building at Ushers Island as seen from the quays.Same style ands ame austerity as Gilbert Scott's(especially on gloomy days) but maybe not as big and having twin towers instead.

Postby daniel » Thu Jun 08, 2000 7:22 pm

I really admire that building too. The old Pidgeonhouse power station also has the same kind of potential. There was an AAI site visit there last year and it is now in quite a raw state. Apparently it was a precursor for Gilbert Scott's design also. There were plans for it to be converted into a Science centre but I don't know what has happened in the past year. maybe someone else knows.

On the subject of the Tate - visited it last week and it is quite a building. Very simple - a large internal piazza to one side and miles of galleries on the other. It all works very well. The landscaping also was well done.
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Postby Bonzo » Fri Jun 09, 2000 12:06 pm

The Tate Modern is brilliant encompassing the whole gamut of 20th century art in a totally apt building.The building and the art compliment each other well.A total tour de force in the arts of the last century.

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