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Postby Paul Clerkin » Sat Dec 11, 1999 4:27 pm

What an amazing structure they are proposing for the Greater London Authority Assembly Building.

But it now seems to me that Foster & Partners are rapidly turning into a "mannerist" version of themselves producing ever more elaboarately shaped buildings to prove technological superiority.
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Postby Joyce » Sat Dec 11, 1999 7:42 pm

Maybe but it is good to see someone pushing themselves even if there is an element of stealing Future-Systems cloths. When you consider that this will be London's equivalent of Dublin's Civic Offices it makes you think that there was a missed or only partly seized opportunity here in Dublin.

Postby Jams O'Donnell » Wed Dec 22, 1999 4:01 pm

yah, sure its nothing new. A person in my class in college did something very similar in 4th year.
Maybe its modelled on Norman's head?
Jams O'Donnell

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