dirty dublin

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dirty dublin

Postby EMcLouglhin » Thu Aug 31, 2000 10:29 am

I've just visited realcork.com. What an excellent idea, and their getting results! Is there a similar site for Dublin? If not, why not have a "Dirty Dublin" section? Featuring photos of the most littered streets, poor roadworks etc.

Postby Jas » Thu Aug 31, 2000 10:33 am

It would be bigger than the remainder of the site methinks.
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Postby Brendan » Thu Aug 31, 2000 2:00 pm

It would be so large, infact phenomenomally large that it would be better having a site dedicated to the clean and well managed spots of which could be numbered on a digitless hand.........I met my love by a factory wall, dreamed a dream by the auld canal.....dirty auld town, It's a dirty auld town........HIC!

Postby E Mc Loughlin » Fri Sep 01, 2000 11:40 am

That song was written about Glasgow! However,
point taken.
E Mc Loughlin

Postby jabba the hutt » Sat Sep 02, 2000 1:45 am

Lets face th’oul facts. Dublin is a fairly shabby spot! The question is: (and this is not insular to the “00 D” driver lobbing the contents of the ashtray out the window) do the inhabitants of this city actually think they play/participate/contribute (and at the very least, not litter) their environment? Methinks…don’t bet your gaff on it.!!! After all, what’s the point in reading books when “Riverdance” represents a ‘good enough’ recollection of the events? I jest you not!!. These may be strong words but they are most certainly not… softly spoken.
jabba the hutt

Postby Ronan C » Sat Sep 02, 2000 5:56 pm

Dublin is possibly the dirtiest city I have ever been to and its not just the city centre the suburbs are filthy aswell. However I am encouraged to see that the corpo have finally realised that in order to stop the "leaking bins" on Grafton street and Henry street they must be lined with plastic bags, this is now being done and not a moment too soon. Dublin has so much potential to become a major northern European city within the next 20-30 years except for in my opinion the problem we face with litter and dirt in general.
Ronan C
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