playing with phi- "science art religion"- FLW

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playing with phi- "science art religion"- FLW

Postby duncan » Sat Aug 25, 2001 12:38 pm

"if the day ever dawns when sciece, art adn religion become as one, we would then have the thing which is missing today"

frank lloys wright @1930

Playing with phi 1.618..............
Gods favourite number

Weekend of art
In lahinch, county clare, munster, ireland, europe, world, universe, O

September 28-30 2001

- bus down, depart dublin @ 6.00
- pitch tents
- traditional irish music in galvins, next to the church

- burren nature walk and visiting the cliffs of moher
- organising tools to construct "playing with phi ( gods favourite number) "
- get materials, shells, stones, sea weed, twigs, flowers,
- evening seminar on "SCIENCE ART RELIGION"
- dancing in O`looneys

- 10.00 mass
- main event "playing with phi ( gods favourite number) "
- swim in atlantic
- bus home @ 4.50

while walking the beach on lahinch on a Sunday afternoon on the 5th of august, the bank holiday weekend, I had a notion of drawing a big phi plate on the beach sometime.

The following Sunday while walking with my friend Hien on the beach in bray I drew a phi plate on the sand with a small stone. Between us the idea of having an art weekend in lahinch when college starts back came into being.

Phi is an irrational number, 1.618........ it is a growth pattern that manifests itself throughout all of nature. It is described by some as "gods favourite number". I believe trying to understand it gives a sense of just how strange and beautiful life is.

The objective of the weekend will be to create a massive piece of land art, which will be constructed by whoever wants to contribute. It will be fun, inclusive, temporary, natural and hopefully inspirational.

It will be constructed with natural materials, the lines with stones, the spiral with shells, stones, sea weed, twigs, flowers and all other things that have manifest in them.

The construction will be filmed and at the end all involved will stand in the water and make noise, roar, dance, sing, splash, anything.

This scene will be photographed in black and white. One picture will be selected and this will be titled "playing with phi ( gods favourite number) "

I am interested in the process of bringing this notion into being. Making an idea a reality.

Oraiste will be a "tool of communication" which will advertise, inform about, serve as a place to view this "act of art"

Everyone`s welcome,

Dont forget your togs

See you in clare


@ 3.35 sat 18 august 2001


i am writing to invite you to come and participate in what will hopefully be an amazing weekend.

theres a few of us heading down already, so its definately going to happen

who knows what will come from it?
re accomodation, the field of love will be back up and running, see
there is also a hostel and plenty of B and B`s
i think doing this would be a lot of FUN

i am also hoping that lots of students from DIT architecture in bolton street will participate, which going by past turnout for events will be minimum. hopefully that will change and students will get involved with stuff and with that create great architecture etc.....

at present i am taking a year out of bolton street, i tried to give it a shot last year but there was very little response from people. i am working in an office at the moment and loving it,

i hope to develop ORAISTE this year as a "tool of communication" . i hope it can turn into a medium of communication for stuff
if you have any ideas as what else we could do, please post them on ORAISTE.

all are welcome to come and participate. so i hope to see a good few of you down in clare in 5 weeks. bring anything you feel might contribute to the weekend




below is the link to the website =263

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Postby James » Sat Aug 25, 2001 9:05 pm

I'm Lost - AGAIN!.

Duncan -what on earth are you on?. And can I have some too???

You're quite possibly a lot smarter than the rest of us and writing at your own speed of thought - still I can't understand what it is that you are actually saying - so some improvement in communications is required - words of one syllable please - sentences paragraphs, etc. you know the drill, explain yourself.
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Postby notjim » Sun Aug 26, 2001 2:36 pm

I think what he calls phi is what people call tau or the golden mean, (1+sqrt(5))/2. It is 1 over 1 plus 1 over 1 plus 1 over 1 and so on. I don't know what a phi plate is.

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Postby duncan » Sun Aug 26, 2001 5:27 pm

sorry if i am a little unclear, i dont really like this form of communication, i find taking far easier.

anyway yes phi is also known as tau, (funny that, i wonder is there any relationship with TAO, the chinese concept of the way of the universe)

phi, 1.618... is an irrational number like pi, 3.14...., it has no end
it is a proportion, ie the golden mean or golden section as leonardo da vinci called it
there is far more about it in my website
in "gods favourite number" that has links to other websites which explore the maths of it

i think its amazing. realizing how strange and beautiful life is, is for me the reason to live. architecture comes into that a lot

i enjoy reading about scientists, what they do and think and also the intensity with which they live, pushing/ finding new boundaries

i would like architecture to be like this. we are living in such an exciting time, teh 3rd major world revoloution after agricultural and industrial, and what are we doing; not much

hope things are a bit clearer


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Postby Brian Smyth » Mon Aug 27, 2001 12:13 am

Traditional Irish music in Galvins and dancing in O'Looneys sounds great - the rest is a load of bollok. I'm sure Duncan you'll find pleanty of rocks in your head for the sand art piece.
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Postby GregF » Mon Aug 27, 2001 3:20 pm

We've had all of this highfalootin stuff well as innane content to understand there is a litany of poor spelling which makes the job harder.
Oh dear! healp uz al.....whit wil becum of alon nows in hiz heavens high with pi in the the ski.

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Postby fjh » Mon Aug 27, 2001 4:25 pm

i am really disapointed by the replies posted to duncans suggestion.

events like this are the only way to improve student morale in bolton street.

it would encourage inter year interaction and generally promote a higher standard of critical thought in bolton street.

although many people have a problem with duncan and may feel that this is all too duncancentric, for once people should forget about all the crap and politics that is destroying the student bodies ablility to fight the system in bolton street and instead go and have some fun.

this would be a great way to kick off the year and maybe later on others might propose such excursions coming from a different perspective.

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Postby Sean Citizen » Mon Aug 27, 2001 6:01 pm

Duncan and fjh - what's with all the 'play' and 'fun'? Is nobody in Bolton Street into work anymore? Without it - taking personal responsibility, that is - 'student morale' can't begin to rise and 'a higher standard of critical thought' is nothing but an empty dream. Get real.
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Postby duncan » Mon Aug 27, 2001 7:20 pm

work is essential, but it is only a means to an end. if you happen to love it, all the better for you. as regards "fun" and "play" they are the things we do when we are not "working" or "resting"

i have been working in an architectural office since college ended and will work there for another year, luckily i am loving the work

as regards "high falluten stuff we have all had before" i cant remember anyone trying to organize an event such as this. if they had id have definately got involved. eitherway it will be a very positive event and, i believe, very educational

i am trying to communicate some of my ideas, test them, i want to learn. this is one of the process`s i am using for that purpose. hopefully if more people get involved the more fun they will have. with that students might work in a more positvie way, at all levels. and with that there might not be 12 fails next year

i am using my website to try to communicate my ideas. i would ask you to check it out, check out the photos, many of which are concerning architectural matters

below is a link to the poster for
"playing with phi", it shows exactly what im trying to do in 5 weeks


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Postby kevin » Mon Aug 27, 2001 9:15 pm

Mr. Citizen,
How can anything get done in Bolton Street if nobody does anything? Duncan is the one of the few people with any motivation in the school. Negativity like yours can do nothing but hinder improvement. The worst thing that'll happen is we'll all have a bit of craic.
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Postby GregF » Tue Aug 28, 2001 9:44 am

Hi Duncan,

I'd just like to post a day in my life I wish to convey my sense of purpose as a human being and how it relates to the architecture of the global blue planet.

Mon.6.30am - get up for work and have breakfast.....something light like museli. Try to shake off hangover.Kiss sweetheart goodbye. Must go to work to earn a living and enjoy all the luxuries that money can buy.
7.15am - get bus to work (take bus so as to avoid traffic congestion) .....enjoying the architecture of Dublin city on the way....taking in the architectural jewels and the flaws. ......The stink of the Liffey, the traffic congestion,the road works,the vandalized bus shelter, the filth, the joggers and early morning winos, the general run down appearence of our capital city. So much for the Celtic Tiger.
8.00pm - Arrive at work and start the long day ahead in the world of IT. Computer terminals all around ...emmitting radiation.
1.30pm - Break for lunch- where we go to the pub to discuss the environment, humanism, world politics, capitalism, socialism, ecology, the price of vegetables, bricks and mortar.
2.30pm Back to work....the stress of being a graphic designer in the world of technology.....radiation all around...please open the window.
6.00pm - Finish work ....get bus home.....enjoy the sights of the evening city......the stink of the Liffey...etc...
7.30pm - Have dinner .....Attend to gardening....stake up the gladiolas and getting to big,that Miracle grow is good, mow lawn, pat the dog on the head, scratch Mrs. Tiddles the cat's belly ......Finish oil painting of sweetheart in the nude....Ah the beauty of oil paint..I should be in Paris Ingres,David, Picasso,Mondigliani.......
9.30pm - go to the local pub in Ballyfermot....enjoy the craic....the Guinness is good....Have discussion about Pi, Phi, Fractals,the science of Numbers, the science of Colour,the Chakra,the laws of Chance,the laws of Nature,God above,the Trinity,the I Chang,The Ying Yang,the Id the ego and the self, row breaks out among locals....adds to entertainment.....have sing song...a few 'rebel' songs....
1.00am - go home to bed ...ready for work the next day..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

I hope you enjoyed that Duncan.......and I'm sorry if I haved bored the rest of you's.


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Postby notjim » Tue Aug 28, 2001 10:15 am

We all seem to have got distracted. I am still interested to know what a phi plate is and what will happen during this main event on Sunday.
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Postby duncan » Mon Sep 10, 2001 10:38 pm

yes, i enjoyed the ramble, wheteher your taaking the piss or not

re phi plate, theres a pic on my website,
just become a member
theres lots of other stuff there too

paul is there a place here to post pics, i know you have at times, if i email you pics would you post them

rehiplate, check page 2 on my photoalbum

i have stuff re my vision of how things could be etc

already theres a good few heading down, students, workmates, mates etc

sorry paul, i thought this strand had been chopped, i think it shoud be in architecture, not student issues though

will any of you come down
eitherway clare is by far the most beautiful county in this country and i find life there a lot more lively than in dublin
theres a certain madness down there which i love


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Postby bodhran_babe » Tue Sep 18, 2001 2:28 pm

dear architectural friends,

I have just stumbled upon this web site while trying to find information for essays that i have to compltee before next week. I am currently studying architecture in Queen's in belfast and have been very much encouraged by your take on architecture. the outings that you guys have been planning seem to be pretty mad,...typical irrational architecture student mentality!!! well done, architecture has finally thrown you over the edge and i merit you with the really screwed up thinking award!!! Only messing, this is a really cool site and i will tell all the gang in Belfast about it. Perhaps we willsurprise you guy and come down to clare when the festival is on in Milton Malby!!

I might reply again in the middle of an alnighter when my brain has finally ceased to function.

All the best
n.b. commodity, firmness and DELIGHT!!!

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Postby duncan » Sun Sep 23, 2001 10:06 pm

thank you very much naoimh for your positive response

im all on for meeting up


i set up IASA, irish architectural students association. last year to unite the entire irish ( north and south) of this island to promote "proper" architectural thinking, design and creation

the 5 years of chaos are over,
ORDer, the word of the day, is in

i dident have them too much in the past
but without them id a load of ideas

its now time to firstly COMMUNICATE those ideas to everyone, test them and ideally make them all a reality

i believe that as CONSCIOUS living beings we have a responsibility to work toward the ideal of FUSP, the second word of the day
toward a

i believe working towrd this ideal reltes directly to your QUALITY of the experience of LIVING

sin e
see you all soon
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Postby duncan » Thu Oct 04, 2001 8:04 pm

unfortunately the weekend dident happen

a few people said they were definately coming
but i ended up there on my own, whether it is
a- my poor organization
b- people are not interested
c other stuff was on

im not sure

either way it dident happen and thats a pity, i think it would have been an extremely lively event and weekend

"state of emergency", last thursdays talk also dident happen, no one was on for it in bolton street. there was another lecture on in fairness

all in all though bolton street and many people there are dead, you try to do something and no one is interested. its a pity, things could be so exciting

the education ive got from bolton street has been minimal, nearly all the education i hold valuable to me was self learned, ive spent 5 years exploring stuff and thankfully its starting to pay off, im working in a job i love and gettign paid for it

i still try to pass on info learned to others
i also encourage others to pass on their info, orasite is that system. unfortunately v little is posted here of peoples interests
ive asked many people to post stuff they think important
esp, dave smith and fionan murphy,
everyone has so much to contribute. very few contribute
sharing info is free
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Postby Brian Smyth » Fri Oct 05, 2001 7:18 am

I’m afraid it is about time people realise that Duncan baby is away with the fairies at the bottom of the garden.
From what I have observed from Duncan's contributions (and at times bombardment of propaganda) to this web site, I am not surprised that his little fairy run to the West did not take place. Nor am I surprised he is not receiving support in Bolton St. as he appears to be running a different agenda on how to save the World rather than the Architectural course at Bolton St.
I for one find his comments and depth of content pure trash and an insult to my intelligence.
I have already stated elsewhere in this web site that an independent facilitator is about the best course of action to address the problem, but students must have a clear agenda on what the problems are and what they want to achieve. Generally, students do not want to get embroiled in long-winded debates hijacked by people like Duncan with different agendas, or strikes that would be detrimental to their studies.
Please Duncan – no more – I am now beyond amusement.

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Postby fjh » Fri Oct 05, 2001 2:31 pm

talks were already held with the administration.

dialogue as a course of action has already been shown to be ineffective.

The administration would be happy to accomodate the students with an independant facilitator which would be slow and laborious and whose results and findings would be perverted by bureaucratic "newspeak" ultimately extentending the current regime by another year until the students finally take action to end it themselves.

students must come together and try to make bolton street a more exciting place to study architecture.

please stop the childish insults.
it helps no one and only serves to divide the students further.

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