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IASA- irish architectural students association

Postby duncan » Wed Nov 29, 2000 6:05 pm


Working toward a just world
A just world is a sustainable, peaceful and fun world

On wed the 22nd of november 2000 IASA was set up, we are a group of concerned Irish architectural students.
We want to unite all students of architecture in this country/ island.
Today is an amazing time to be an architectural student in Ireland,
We are living in the third major world revolution, after the agricultural and the industrial; the digital
For the first time ever, Ireland is an economically desirable place to come and work, the tiger is roaring.
Money is coming into the country like never experienced before

With all this though there are still many problems, some of which are getting bigger day by day;
The world is a limited closed system but we are living as if it has unlimited resources which will never end.
We are destroying the life support systems of this planet.
We as human beings have to stand up and try to create solutions to this problem.

Problems within our own country;
City sprawl, traffic congestion and lack of proper public transport service.
Too little recycling and energy conservation in buildings.
Lack of vision and corruption in government and as a result poor quality city and rural areas.
Rent prices getting out of hand, especially for students in Dublin.
An apathetic and dead atmosphere in colleges, a lack of fun, creativity and play.
communication problems, between colleges, architects and the real world.

these are some of the areas we hope to examine and challenge as a united student body

Architecture week is happening from Monday the 11th till Friday the 15th of december 2000 in bolton street D.I.T.
We are inviting all students and staff from queens and ucd to attend and participate this year

On Friday the 15th at 2.00 we are having the first IASA general meeting in bolton street D.I.T.
We urge all students interested to get involved and to encourage others to do so
IASA is open to everybody, all members of the public. it is an open system

For more information or ideas to offer contact:

Duncan Crowley
Bolton street, D.I.T
Dublin 1

Duncancrowley@hotmail.com www.oraiste.com
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Postby duncan » Wed Nov 29, 2000 7:16 pm

events this year in D.I.T.


talks with guest speakers
-why i protested in prague
-VSI, voluntary services international
-art and sculpture in ireland
-students architectural tour of europe 1

-patch adams
-the beatles yellow submarine
-pi (3.14.......)

nights out
-pimps and hoes
-no reason pub crawl

exhibition and discussion
-open house


-architecture week dec 11-15 dec 2000, open to queens and U.C.D.
-first general meeting of IASA 2.00 fri 15/dec 2000, all members of public welcome
-2nd "irish architectural students open forum", the direction of architecture, @ paddys day, march 17th 2001
-public exhibition of irish student architectural work and ideas, @ paddys day
-ecovillages in monaghan
-knockzink centre for sustainability
-ceoil, gaeilge agus craic (traditional music, irish language and fun)

tomorrow thr 30th nov 2000
-wander @ the docks, leave bolton st @ 1 meet @ georges dock, ifsc @1.15
-6.00, fightclub, film
-7.30, music evening;"doolittle", the pixies
and "10 rapid" mogwai
-9.00 fibbers, moshing and messing

ongoing IASA main meeting
-6.00 every tuesday, crit pit, bolton street, D.I.T.

does anybody have any info re
-Stack A, the docks

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Postby duncan » Sun Dec 03, 2000 2:18 pm

acts of art

here dead.
we challenge.
people discuss.
get living.
have fun.
play. www.oraiste.com


on friday the 2nd of december 2000, 20 members of the public went to the docklands for a wander, stack A in particular, we were asked to leave because we were videoing and taking pictures of the area. when we asked to see the person who gave this order to trevor he said we will have to write a letter etc. we were accused of "acting the bolix" and told the police would be down to use force to remove us.
the docks is PRIVATE property, so we moved to where we were legally allowed to be, the PUBLIC REALM, there is an invisible yet very strong boundary between these two sides, it is not a clear boundary so we defined it more by putting up builders barrier tape to define the line, this is an act of art, we stuck up the above "acts of art" manifesto and we went to the DDDA, to complain

we feel the docks are dead and could be improved on

we would like to see stack A, a now derelict building reused for ARTHOUSE, a free art factory where the public could come and learn about art and create art in all media, this art would be put up in the open area between banks 1,2 and 3 accross the way.
stack A would act as a catalyst or nucleus to bring life into the docklands as it is now dead

we would like IASA to play a big part in the future development of the docks
we are setting up walks and talks with the ddda
we are concerned architectural students who are taking real steps to improving the QUALITY of life in this city
we want a PLAY space for the city, which would only further add to making this city one of the most desirable places to be in

we are challenging people to look into whats going on and to do something about it, will you respond

we will be showing our first film, "our barrier" in the crit pit in bolton stret, D.I.T on monday the 11th of december @ 1.00, all members of the public are welcome to this event

thank you for your time
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Postby GregF » Mon Dec 04, 2000 4:56 pm

It's no wonder that this incident occured. The IFSC has become a social disaster. A blank canvas to play with and what happens an 'anally retentive' (to borrow a phrase) non event. Wheatfield Prison for 'suits'....'riff raff' keep out.
I agree too, the docks as I have always said is developing into one of the most boring and featureless places (visually and socially). Too many 'grinches' in the DDDA who know nothing of high culture. As I have said before too, will someone please lace all the DDDA geeks coffees with LSD or something to enliven the boring b******s. Bureaucratic office nerds......ugh! and too many 'know it all' suits.

Hey DDDA, Giz a job, I could do better than that....by far.
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