World architecture... what's happening generally....

Postby ja&c » Tue Sep 12, 2000 5:23 pm

yes, lads i totally agree that the world has to be saved and all that and i too will be there in body and spirit but not as an architect.
god may infact be the only true architect but he is OBVIOUSLY not an architect in the sense that he designs buildings and organises spaces.
are you losing the plot here or what?!
read my f*@king lips, this is not, i repeat
NOT a site for the (proverbial) architecture of a better life and world.
architecture (as in 'archeire' and ft101) is about one thing and one plane and unimportant thing (in the grand scheme of things) and that is designing buildings for use by humans (and occasionally animals)on earth and (in the future) in space.

get a grippp!

Postby sheep2winnie » Wed Sep 13, 2000 1:16 pm

hello, hows things.

good bye

Postby ja&c » Wed Sep 13, 2000 1:21 pm

i don't know whether or not i have been banned from posting stuff on this site or not because i have being trying to reply to ha!ha! all day yesterday on the other topic, the one on which he (or she) ranked so badly on me.

i have to say that i tried to respond but i'm to fed up with trying at this stage so i'll just say this.

1. i'm a better architect that you are.
2. your attempt at currying favour with the
general public by using such "clever"
phrases as 'adolf loos' and 'flying
'buttresses' was so very weak i feel sorry
for you.

good luck (you'll need it!)

Postby Anti Nonsense Brigade » Wed Sep 13, 2000 1:38 pm

I think I see what Duncan means, But I cannot explain to him the thoughts of people & the phenomena we seek to explain through physics might be revealed to us all as subsidiary to the attainment of true enlightment. Like one of those experiments which uses high energies to show that apparantly different forces are in fact the same. Having achieved this Nirvana, one might recognise all human nature and the most profound physical laws being indistinguishable in their essence
Anti Nonsense Brigade

Postby Ha!Ha! » Wed Sep 13, 2000 2:30 pm

Howdy ja&c good to see you've calmed down a bit.....not so nasty this time. Good to see too that you resorted to looking up your architectural dictionary, but 'Fukuoka' remains a puzzle; so keep searching those books. By the way thanks for wishing me the best of luck. I'm jetting off to the orient soon with draughts and plans for a major retail building project. Maybe when you've finished your college education I'll employ you in my firm......Regards!

Postby no no » Wed Sep 13, 2000 2:47 pm

"I'm jetting off to the Orient". The Orient? What's the orient Ha Ha. Try using that term wherever you are going. It's a nineteenth century colonial term. Ha Ha read your post from this afternoon, and think about how u sound, and read exactly what you said again. You came across like a spoilt child. Is this really a professional architect speaking? I doubt it.
no no

Postby Ha!Ha! » Wed Sep 13, 2000 3:20 pm

Sorry, but the 'orient' is a perfectly valid term to describe the eastern part of the globe. The 'orient' as opposed to the 'occident' meaning the western part of the globe. The 'orient' was a clue to 'Fukuoka' but it seems that has somewhat upset you again. Ah! well.....

Postby Byron » Wed Sep 13, 2000 5:32 pm

I was just reading Duncan's profound contribution regarding the world, the universe, the Pope and Bono and it left me speechless, actually it brought tears to my eyes. Did'nt it relate very well to the topic title 'THE BEST ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL IN THE WORLD', assuming that is Bolton Street in question, of course. What a school of execellence,this establishment,a leviathon of knowledge I say, especially as it has three seperate Topics within the forum to debate about it's wonderful attributes. What a melting pot of talent this school,a haven for the young and gifted who fervently seek knowledge under the guidence of all knowing mentors, who carefully nurture their students in the great art of architecture. Indeed such a school of excellence only last seen in the times of Plato and Socrates. We anxiously await the luscious fruits of their labour. May the gods look favourably down upon them.

Postby wtp » Thu Sep 14, 2000 12:23 pm

Any of these forums that have anything to do with bolton street should be closed. They are getting annoying. I think it is the influence of duncan crowley.
These bolton street forums were interesting at first with people coming up with ideas or showing up the shitwits that run the course.
Well read and ha ha are complete fools.
ja&c - you are great for stirring a bit of shit.

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Sep 14, 2000 12:48 pm

This is getting very silly, this is an important issue, but you have all just denigrated to name calling.
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Postby no no » Thu Sep 14, 2000 2:03 pm

Ha Ha, on a serious note. If you think that the term orient is perfectly valid, think about it again. Do you think that the 'Orient' is a term Chinese Geographers use to describe the 'eastern part of the world'. Orientalism was a European perspective/approach developed in the 19th century, often used to justify colonial expansion. Orientalism also relates to what we call the middle east, and Africa as well. I think you should read Edward Saids' famous 'Orientalism', piece, and perhaps you may understand why I think you were wrong on this one. By the way this is only my second post here so I have no interest in name calling etc. I just came across this debate and couldn't help but be amazed at what you were saying.
no no

Postby HA!HA! » Thu Sep 14, 2000 2:58 pm

Good man yourself, keep reading those books. I knew I'd get your grey matter working. It's amazing what you'll discover. Regards.

Postby no no » Thu Sep 14, 2000 3:41 pm

I rest my case folks. Ignorance is .....
no no

Postby studqub » Thu Sep 14, 2000 4:09 pm

THE BEST SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE IN THE WORLD is, as my name suggests, Queen's University
soon my dears we will take over the world
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Postby Howdy! » Thu Sep 14, 2000 4:27 pm

STUDQUB = Student of Queen's University Belfast. Very Good!

Postby HA!HA! » Thu Sep 14, 2000 4:32 pm

With the rate of intelligence in Bolton Street, I agree it's very possible.

Postby concerned » Thu Sep 14, 2000 4:40 pm

Can we put a stop to this nonsense, please!

Postby ja&c » Thu Sep 14, 2000 6:44 pm

i think maybe ha!ha! is confusing me with nono.
i am not nono.
i did not write anything relating to the orient so stop treating him/her like you do me (i.e in attempted patronisation).

there's a word for your 'books'.
whats this 'keep reading those books' sthit anyway.
am i illiterate now or something.

also, to whoever it was that said that this forum was good at the start because a bit of shit was being stirred ........................wait until college starts again.
right now i'm taking a break to try and figure out this tool ha!ha!
somebody questioned his/her professionalism.
i rekkon that he/she is most definately an architect because where else would someone learn to spout such pretentious trivial shite.
it is obviouss that ha!ha! did his or her five years of study.
about this 'orient' thing.
are you the project manager or one of the lackys?
what kind of a village are you building anyway and are you gonna use those cool little hats.
actually, bring me back one of those would ya.
and while you're at it, see if you can take the roof off a wattle and daub hut so you can cover your unbelievably large................intelect (yeah right).

false sense of security

full of sthit.

Postby ann in northern ireland » Thu Sep 14, 2000 6:58 pm

when you're designing these little chinaman villages i suggggest you include a hospital because when the little chinamen and chinawomen get an earfull of the tripe that you spout they'll be chasing you around that camp with a pair of chopsticks and a jar of fukuka (or whatever that stupid word is that you like to use so much.)
i'd say that word sums you up nicely.

if you ever do get to build your little 'sim city' give me a shout because i'd love to see what kind of a mess you've started.
d'orient 'll never be the same again after meeting the likes a'you.

keep reading those books my man and will you go off and get me some more of those beautifully phrased pseudo-insults out of what ever script from which first you plucked them.
ann in northern ireland

Postby UCD Graduate » Fri Sep 15, 2000 2:11 pm

I'm sorry but I have to agree with Paul Clerkin. This is a serious topic which requires people to stay focussed on the discussion itself and not let ego, insecurity or childish petulence get the better of them.
F9, I thought you were really getting somewhere with a plan of campaign on the other forum dealing with Bolton St.
J&AC - you just coming across as violent and misled unfortunately (and don't let this distract you into to an onslaught on me - I'm just trying to get you back to the plot)
If all these ranting missives are coming from Bolton St. students & graduates I can't help feeling that there is a reason for why the standard of education there is as it is. (Ouch, I know, but again I'm just trying to get you focussed on the vital topic in hand)

P.S. No No - thank you for reminding us all that this "westernised" view of the world and of world history is horribly inappropriate. Unfortunately, I think it's just so far ingrained on some people.
UCD Graduate

Postby ja&c » Sat Sep 16, 2000 5:22 pm

to ucd graduate,

f************k c** *&&*%%$£))(""

no, only messing.
the thing is that i am focused,
that is the reason i am spending so much money sitting in this interney cafe typing these messages.
to let you in on a little secret, i am just taking the piss.
i know i might curse too much but thats just a reflection of the frustration about the course.
i'm just trying to kill time before college starts monday week.

am, where am i......oh yeah,
what do you mean about there is a reason that the standard of ed. is where it is.
of course there is a reason and that reason is that the administration has not been in touch with the developments of architectural education over the past couple of decades.
i have heard 'their' side of the story...
(a little birdie told me) and of course money is the factor.

does that clear things up for you.
i am not stupid
i am not ignorant
i am a bit childish at times but when push comes to shove it does not interfere with anything.

Postby UCD Graduate » Mon Sep 18, 2000 1:00 pm

ok, now just don't do it again!!!

No, only messing! I have to say, ja&c: Fair play - you are obviously a person who's willing stand up and be counted. I wasn't just giving out to you - I just singled you for special mention.

It seems like you're getting very organised on the "Standard of Education in Bolton St." Forum and I wish you all good luck.

May I propose that this forum is closed because it is distracting from the afore mentioned forum, which is the real forum to deal with the subject. (Also I have a sneaking suspicion duncan was pissed when he began this one)
UCD Graduate

Postby ja&c » Mon Sep 18, 2000 1:48 pm

believe me, duncan was NOT pissed when he started this one.

Postby cajard » Mon Sep 25, 2000 12:18 pm

Well done duncan.

Anyone heard of lateral thought, dreaming, the long way home, meditation, gazing, time out, play, innocence and looking at the world through the eyes of a child.
It is a harsh and calous environment in this great city of ours, and people like you number far too many. Do you think Duncan cares what you think. If you have nothing with which to encourage, be gone, and don't come back, you are not welcome. On your way home remember a kind word never broke anyone's mouth.

I have forgotten what this forum is about.
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Postby cajard » Mon Sep 25, 2000 12:29 pm

Well is there anyone standing by with gritted teeth waiting to badger me on my personal traits. ja&c?

I am disapointed with you people and I wish I had the strength to overcome it.

I believe that you must be everything else before you are an architect. You must take the time to explore all of your talents and your characters.

How can you work in poorer nations with uneducated people if you cannot guide or teach?

How can you build sensitively in the Irish countryside if you have never climbed rock faces, or run thorough sun soaked meadows, and fall on your face and taste the earth?

How can you work with clients if you have no experience in dealing with people or entertaining them?

How can you appreciate the cultural aspects involved in designing in another culture, if you have not travelled as far as you can, and listened to that of which you never knew?

I understand that you may not want to do any of this, but I cannot relate to it.
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