study architecture or something else?

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study architecture or something else?

Postby experiMental » Fri Jun 23, 2006 1:17 pm

I've always wanted to study a design and technology related course, which could give me a broad education in several areas. So I was thinking of studying architecture, although I had doubts about becoming an architect.

So last year, I've done my Leaving Cert, haven't got anywnere near the minimum points required for UCD architecture course, and so I ended up in "construction studies" in DKIT. I'm doing quite well in most subjects there, but I'm nearly failing at quantity surveying and building-regulations/economics related subjects. I just find it really hard to write proper structured essays and explanations and I also make too many mistakes in quantity surveying ;) :X. Does this mean that I would struggle with studying architecture?

I'm not sure of what course to study in the near future, but I'd really like a course which could combine design/art and technology... I'm equally interested in digital, structural and analogue technology. I'm also interested in conceptual design.

Is it worth studying architecture for the sake of learning principles of 3-d design, materials and principles of engineering/technology? Or is the architecture course mostly about professional practise and the business side of things? Is there some other course out there in Ireland where I could study those principles and subjects?
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