St. Michan's

St. Michan's

Postby Hansine » Mon Mar 22, 1999 5:56 pm


Was wondering if anyone knew anything about St. Michan's church. I'm sure I'm spelling the name incorrectly... but I do recall it being near Smithfield. At the time of my visit it was closed for some sort of rennovation. Just looking for general info dates, details, etc. And any decription of the interior.


Postby Paul Clerkin » Mon Mar 22, 1999 6:13 pm


<A HREF="">St Michans</A>
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Postby Hansine » Mon Mar 22, 1999 11:05 pm

Many thanks for the info.
Mummified bodies? Akin to the cat skeleton on Christchurch crypt - or worth checking out? Anyone?

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