Exhibition for young Canadians in Holland

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Exhibition for young Canadians, to take place in Holland

Postby h_h_arch » Sun Jun 20, 2004 2:51 pm

Submission deadline is post date August 15th 2004.

Please send an 11x17 paper containing work to
11 Merel straat,
Leiden the Netherlands

or e-mail a small pdf layout to h_h_arch@yahoo.co.uk.

* please keep the file sizes small However, I now have 100mb of space and will still will check regularily.

On the sheet include a phone number, mailing adress and e-mail.

If you are selected for the exhibition you will be contacted.

The exhibition will tour several European countries to expose young Canadian architects, beginning with an exhibiton in Rotterdam the Netherlands.

Thank you for your interest and we await your reply.


Please note that more information has been included on the next post and that it is strongly encouraged that both French and English architects be represented.
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Postby Paul Clerkin » Sun Jun 20, 2004 2:59 pm

Do you have a proper press release and info sheet?
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Press release and info sheet

Postby h_h_arch » Sun Jun 20, 2004 5:04 pm

A press release will be made after the final group of ten has been chosen.

For now a tentative date of January 2005 has been set to begin the exhibition at the Berlage institute in Rotterdam.

With regards to an info sheet further details will be provided to those selected.

The intial 11x17 is completely open and will allow interested parties a chance to show there most interesting works and more importantly to make themselves known to the selectors.

A wide range of focus is hoped for and encouraged from theoretical to built work, the only condition being that the work comes from young Canadians who often do not get an opportunity to expose their work abroad.

If more information is required feel free to e-mail me at h_h_arch@yahoo.co.uk


The follow anouncement in French should also be posted.


L'institut Berlage de Rotterdam aux Pays-Bas, (école post-universitaire d'architecture) présente actuellement une exposition sur le travail de jeunes architectes d'amériques latines. Ces événements (conférencess, débats, expositions) nous a donné l'idée d'y organiser une suite, mais cette fois ci, en invitant de jeunes architectes canadiens à présenter leur travail au Berlage Institute. Hugo Hardy (canadien étant lui-même gradué du Berlage) et moi-même, Eve-B. Robidoux pratiquant et résident aux Pays-Bas, voudrions rassembler 10 architectes canadiens de talent âgés de moins de 35 ans, à venir présenter leur travail au Berlage Institute en janvier de 2005. À noter que ces travaux sont le résultat d'une pratique / recherche professionelle indépendante.

Il pourrait s'agir...

- d'une réalisation

- d'une recherche

- d'une installation

L' événement aurait pour but de promouvoir le discours de jeunes architectes canadiens à l'extérieur du pays. L'événement pourrait se répéter ailleurs en Europe et au Canada. L'événement pourrait mettre suite à une publication...

Pour la sélection, vous pouvez m'envoyer sur une page 11x17 (A3)un résumé (images + texte) de ce que vous seriez intéressé à présenter à l'une des adresses suivantes:




Merci de votre collaboration,

Eve B. Robidoux

Hugo Hardy,


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Postby h_h_arch » Tue Aug 17, 2004 12:46 pm

The final deadline for submissions has passed and over the next month the selections will be made. Final arrivals by post will be in late August as the accepted post date was August 15th.

The final replys will be at the end of september after the opening of the Montreal biennale, providing enough room for serious consultation.

Thank you to all those who have submitted and we are very pleased with the quality of the work. If you are not selected it will likely be because of the sheer volume of submissions.

I will endevour to write to all those who have submitted and if you are not selected for this exhibition will work towards other exhibitions in which you can be included.

I would also like to say that fund raising is taking place at the present and four tentative locations have been secured in London, Holland, Austria, and Slovenia. I will update this post occasionally when more information becomes available.

Yours Hugo J. Hardy
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