Crawford Municipal Art Gallery Cork

Crawford Municipal Art Gallery Cork

Postby MG » Tue Aug 22, 2000 12:23 am

Just looking at the new information on this building. Very fine interior spaces from what I can see, and the light looks spot on, nice and diffused.
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Postby xyz » Tue Aug 22, 2000 12:25 pm

the extension is also featured in this months AR and does indeed look very well.
let's hope other institutions and the public alike take note and inspiration from the Crawford's brave step into the 21st century.

Postby Tallaght » Thu Aug 24, 2000 8:54 am

Exactly, its a fine looking building, one I must check out for myself on my next visit to Cork.

Well done everyone involved

Postby ML » Tue Sep 19, 2000 12:36 pm

Sorry folks, but I cannot get excited about the Crawford extension. I love the Gallery and it's a favourite spot to visit ... but no longer. The floating brick exterior looks like a mistake -- a bulge in the brickwork -- and liable to fall off at any moment. That's my view on the look of the place.

Then there's the design functionality. The interior is a mess of glass and metal. Don't get me wrong I like glass and metal but here the detail is faulty. Allegedly on opening night people were tripping on steps due to poor signposting of changes in floor levels.

I myself have used the new Ladies toilet -- it is difficult to use as an able-bodied person (poor lighting, handles in unexpected positions on doors, doors swinging in odd (and potentially dangerous) directions) -- goodness knows what it's like for someone with poor vision, never mind walking sticks (the entrance is up a shallow step that could be easily missed).
I'm sorry but if this is good design, I won't be ordering this architect.

Postby Mk » Thu Sep 21, 2000 2:00 pm

Bad detailing
Noising echos in gallery space
Is this what a good gallery is like?
I doubt it

Postby dm » Sun Sep 24, 2000 3:31 pm

I went to see the Crawford and thought it was outstanding. the light in the main gallery is fantastic though as remarked, the detailing is a little shoddy in parts. Many of the interior elements, particularly staircases had fabulously inventive detailing and were a real joy. The toilets (when we eventually found them) were sublime; the most beautiful toilets I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.
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