Best Book Xmas Present thread

Best Book Xmas Present thread

Postby garethace » Fri Nov 21, 2003 3:41 pm

Any recommendations?

My first choice would be Fluid Spaces publication by UCD Arch Dept. €10.00 Beat that.

Another recommendation is the €22.00 Thames and Hudson Peter Eisenmann 'Diagram Diaries' for those of you who just like a book of drawings and diagrams. No idea what they could mean, but Eisenmann is one very prolific visual thinker.

Best Expensive buy: Steven Holl monograph, but for those of you who cannot afford the stretch, his web site isn't all that far behind the book this time.

Brian O'Hanlon.
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Postby what? » Fri Nov 21, 2003 4:35 pm

yeah i got that fluid frames book too. good buy nicely presented. good to see student projects being published (they are often far more interesting than other stuff being published). think some of the projects could do with a bit more development tho.
im sorry but diagram diaries is a load of c**k.
when i used to read peter eisenman's stuff i thought to myself i must be missing the point, there must be some profound lesson behind this verbal and intellectual mastubation. but now i realise there isnt. it is interesting visually tho, jazzy graphic presentations.
theres a nice book on landscrapers by arron betsky in hodges figis (euro40ish)and a great new book on modern stone construction in waterstones (euro55ish).theres a nice little book on tschumi around aswell only bout 20euro.
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Postby garethace » Sat Nov 22, 2003 2:01 pm

Any names in particular? Links to Amazon would be even better.

There is a nice photography book I saw too, for those of you into travel and different places than the Western World. It is called 'Ganges' after that River in India. I don't think any film including the MATRIX has fully ever done the same justice, as this photographer has done, to these scenes with thousands of people - the dirt, the chaos, ... even though they are photographs - you can almost smell and hear the filty mess of human bodies and rubbish.

Very powerful images. One in particular taken from a helicopter or tall building, just showing how half the population decided to swarm onto the river at once for some kind of religious ceremony. All in all, it made me think just how rare that is in today's modern society - when you think of all the ritual archaeology etc that we have in this country. Today, the closest thing is probably football matches - but even that isn't anywhere near as chaotic as the scenes in that book called Ganges.
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Postby GrahamH » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:40 pm

Three years after its first publication 'Building for Government' by the OPW is still costing a whopping €56.80 in Hodges Figgis!

Beautiful & informative though.
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Postby Paul Clerkin » Mon Nov 24, 2003 1:06 pm

25 euro in Chapters
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