Over Use of Brick in Dublin

Postby john white » Wed Nov 17, 1999 7:17 pm

Does it look more impressive in reality than the photo suggests to me?

It looks pretty crap to my eyes.

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Postby Mrs. M. J. Lister » Wed Nov 17, 1999 7:40 pm

the award shortlist is on linewith some nice photos,
and on-line voting
.... so go ahead make their day!

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Postby MG » Thu Nov 18, 1999 9:46 am

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Postby David W » Thu Apr 20, 2000 11:27 pm

I think brick was used in a lot of 1970's buildings, esp. in Lower Mount Street, and kind of makes the use of it seem inadvisable. The truth is that these buildings were probably designed on a lower budget with pre-cast concrete originally intended as the cladding material. When the budget was increased and/or they realised they would get P.P. with brick instead, that is what they decided to use. The problem is usually with the design and not the brick. Polished Granite isn't so bad. I think a few good examples of brick use include the new foyer and fronting square in UCD Blackrock, Co. Dublin. The library next to this is also aside this space.
David W


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