Dublin and ugly buildings

Dublin and ugly buildings

Postby fitztea » Thu Jun 10, 1999 12:20 am

I'm no expert on buildings, however I must say that the Dublin Corpotation buildings in Chirstchurch are a national disgrace.

Dublin as we know it was founded on this site by the vikings over 1,000 years ago. Instead of building a national park and museum to commemorate this historic event, what do we do? Well, we build two very large post world war II pill boxes as offices. What makes me angry is we let people in office away with this. I am not a green party member or anything like that. I am just another irish Citizen robbed from my culture

Postby john white » Fri Jun 11, 1999 9:48 am

Hi Arthur

Well, the Corporation offices are the most commented on modern buildings in Dublin and have probably caused the most disgust.

The main point is "how do they get away with it?"

Refer to the Archer's Garage posting on this forum. It's exasperating. I suppose on this - polling day you might ask - which representative is going to tackle this?

Jim Mitchel apparently is interested in re-building and extending roads etc. Is that going to affect things? Does that indicate a particular attitude to the environment etc...?

For better or worse.

As I've pointed out before - County PLanners are infallible. Their decision is final. What are the TD's and councillor's going to do about that?

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