Paint Them As Pavement Gollywogs

Paint Them As Pavement Gollywogs

Postby teak » Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:02 am

Am I the only person in Éire Nua that finds the placement of electricity boxes outside
shops, bars, even some houses as obnoxious ? :sick:

Is there no other place to put these damn things than upon the pavements, where
smokers sit on them, dogs piss against them and the rest of us trip over them ?

Does the ESB have a running prescription from the Planning Offices to stick these
things down anywhere they like without any regard whatever as to their impact
on the streetscape ?

If these yokes must be placed on the pavements, then I propose a gap-year
project for would-be artists : paint these electricity boxes as leprechauns and
gollywogs -- or anything else they might like to. :thumbup:
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