Postby onq » Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:35 pm

Dick was no doubt "being Ministerial" and staying "above reproach" and being seen not to interfer with the duties of the several p-lanning authorities involved.

Him getting invovled might have attracted charges of improper conduct.

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Postby PVC King » Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:00 am

I don't think he can walk away from this his mandate was to regulate development; lets look at who failed in the creation of ghost estates

1. The developers - they over-estimated demand - they are mostly insolvent and have therefore mostly paid the price.

2. The banks - there was no-one watching what other lenders had already funded in terms of competing schemes - they have been mostly nationalised and their shareholders have paid the price.

3. The councils - Meath being a prime case in point in re-zoning enough land for centuries of real demand but assumed to be developed in 5 -10 years - there are elections coming and many of these clientist councillors will most certainly pay the price

4. The minister - who failed to read any of the new development plans whilst these crazy revisions were not only approved but praised for removing 'blockages in the system' or if he did read the plans didn't possess the analytical ability to understand the basis of land markets. He has yet to pay the price, still holds office and if rejected by Wicklow electorate gets to inflict his clear shortcomings on the UCD student body who we hope to become the next generation of captains of industry and entrepreneurs.

Where is the equity in that?
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Postby rofbp » Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:19 pm

there was a report in the last month on rte and another in the irish times about an app for locating nama properties.
however, i cannot find it on itunes.
anyone know anything about it?
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Postby PVC King » Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:37 pm

Rights bid on apartment maintenance
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Plans for tougher laws to give apartment owners more rights over building maintenance will be brought up by Kieran McCarthy
Sunday November 14 2010

Plans for tougher laws to give apartment owners more rights over building maintenance will be brought before the Assembly.

Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy is to introduce a Private Member's Bill that aims to support residents who pay hundreds of pounds a year to rogue housing management firms.

Mr McCarthy believes the Apartment Developments' Management Reform Bill will address current inadequacies in the laws governing aspects of private properties which comprise parts of multi-unit developments, including townhouses and apartments.

Mr McCarthy said this change would make it easier for owners to ensure their management company keeps common areas of buildings in good order.

"I have been told of apartment blocks where fire doors were not in a working manner for months and could have had disastrous consequences if a fire had broken out," he said.

"But I have also been told of the more day-to-day problems such as the grass in the common areas not being cut for months in the summer, despite a management company being paid fees to do so.

"This Bill will regularise the conditions of property ownership and management to ensure that owners know all the facts about the maintenance of the common areas and will have easier legal remedies in case they are not being kept in good order."

Mr McCarthy said the current laws are not strong enough, with many owners complaining common areas are not being well maintained despite paying high fees.

He said he wanted his Bill to give confidence to those who sign up to buy a property in a shared building to understand the contract with the management company.

"This Bill will ensure that apartment owners have better rights and will know that they can do something instead of paying hundreds of pounds a year for a service that may not be carried out to a sufficient extent," he added.

Press Association

The Alliance showing the way once again; if this were extended to all new developments in Ireland that would be a very useful piece of legislation.
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