temporary structure???

temporary structure???

Postby david le masney » Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:31 pm

Can anybody help me with a definition of a 'temporary structure'?

My understanding of 'development' is clear (the carrying
out of works on, in, over and under lands...' )
and its implications regarding planning (development needs planning)
but a kiosk to be place temporarily on private land adjacent to
the owner's flower shop for storage purposes???

Planning leglislation is clear regarding
exempt development within the grounds of a
private dwelling (25m2 exemption limit) but
there seems to be little exemptions beyond
this domestic situation.

The owner has lived and had a shop in this location his whole life - the
project would hope to incorporate a living wall externally serving the
double function of storage and an informal advert (flowers/ plants)
for the shop owner. It has potential to provide an attractive re-use of the present vacant
plot rather than just lumping a shed in a corner.
david le masney
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Re: temporary structure???

Postby Solo » Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:59 pm

Even if by some miracle the LA accepted the Kiosk as a temp structure which it is not the use that it is put to is also a planning matter. To do what you need you need to obtain a container similar to those used for shipping purposes and you need to confirm in writing to your LA the length of time the container will remain on site and the use you are putting it to. Ordinarily the max time is 11 months, after this you are in trouble. Your LA may accept this and allow your client to go ahead but I feel it this age of generating revenue they will insist on a planning application being made.
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