Private Drainage Issues & exempted Development

Private Drainage Issues & exempted Development

Postby winnie » Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:48 pm

My Neighbour is building an extension at the rear of a mid terrace house, single storey extension running width of property from boundary to boundary.
My drain exits via his property and during the works he has removed the existing drain on his side of the boundary, lowered the drainage level and left what appears to be a very shoddy arrangement behind him.
I consulted with the local authority who are of the view that all common drainage is the responsibility of all owners and therefore shouldn't be interfered with without all parties agreeing.
I then engaged a consulting engineer to do a report and he is of the view that my neighbour can do what he likes on his side of the boundary provided the new system works.
Adherence to the building regulations doesn't seem to be necessary or required.
I consulted a solicitor who isn't sure yet what to do but wrote to neighbour after my efforts failed.
My neighbour has covered the whole drainage system with concrete and produced a letter from an engineer saying that the drainage is to best practice.

Does anyone know if there is any legislation dealing with common drainage?
Do the building regulations have any meaning?

Any comments would be very welcome.
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Re: Private Drainage Issues & exempted Development

Postby onq » Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:55 pm

Why don't you have a read of them and find out?

Here's a link to Part H, Drainage and Waste Water Disposal,1649,en.pdf

See Sub-Section 1.3 PP 9-11 inclusive - "Foul Water Drainage - Pipework Underground"
Also Diagram 7 P 12

Also see 1.3.18 t0 1.3.28 inclusive for good practice for allowing for rodding access and clearing drains.

TBH you should have taken copius amounts of photographs of what he was doing for your file and showed these to your engineer or appointed him prior to the works being covered up.

At the end of the day its not filing paper on a desk, its placing pipes underground to carry foul water.

It dosn't have to look pretty, but the workmanship, connections, sealing, pipe diameters matching, bedding haunching and protection passing through walls all have to be up to scratch.

However as long as its not backing up into your house, it looks like its working and he has fulfilled his obligations to upstream dhschargers like yourself.

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