How to sell Green Buildings

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How to sell Green Buildings

Postby garethace » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:11 pm

An article worth reading in today's Irish Times. Eoin McDermott, a chartered surveyor wrote:

It is good to hear the Chartered Surveyors perspective on NAMA in the newspaper. But it does occur to me, the article is also a useful reference in terms of considering, how to add value, worth or price onto, or away from a project. That is, when considering what are the best methods to use, to make a building more environmentally friendly.

I can only assume, that Chartered Surveyors will have to build concepts of green architecture into their valuation models at some stage in the future. I always had a question myself, why every single apartment has to have a south facing window. I can only assume that is designated in the DCC guidelines on housing and apartments to promote better living standards and increase passive solar gain in dwellings.

But should that be offset with location? Already, if you live in a city central location, you are consuming less energy, most likely to move around and go about your daily business. Surely the notion then, of needing a south facing window for passive solar gain, is offset by energy consumption reductions, owing to one's living location.

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