Waterford Rules?

Waterford Rules?

Postby Pauline's Pens » Thu Oct 17, 2002 11:29 am

(Pauline's Pens tips for Archiects No.5)
In order to earn loads of moolla and get your work exhibited for a competition you should always:-

(a.) Build a big architectural model and plaster your entry with photos of such. Claim that Rule 15.7 "Photographs of models may not be shown on the drawings" relates only to glamour photographs of Naomi and Kate Moss prancing topless around your drawings.

(b.) If that doesn't automatically start filling your bank account stick a few photographs of your past architectural triumphs on your drawings. Claim that Rule 16 "A competitor shall not disclose his/her identity" as too unspecific and that there is no such thing as a "his/her" ,unless this is specifically relating to earthworms.

For more "easy money tips" head down to the OPW exhibition in WIT Waterford. Remember, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!
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