Tales of Medieval Dublin - A Series of Free Lunchtime Lectures in Wood Quay Venue

Tales of Medieval Dublin - A Series of Free Lunchtime Lectures in Wood Quay Venue

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Tales of Medieval Dublin - A Series of Free Lunchtime Lectures in Wood Quay Venue

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Emer Costello will launch a series of free lunchtime lectures at 12.50 p.m. on Tuesday 15th June 2010, in the exciting new Wood Quay Venue of Dublin City Council.

The lecture series entitled ‘Tales of Medieval Dublin’ consists of seven free lunchtime lectures, held monthly between June and December 2010 in the Wood Quay Venue against the unique historical backdrop of a stretch of the original Hiberna Norse wall dating from the 12th century.

Tales of Medieval Dublin has been organised by the Friends of Medieval Dublin in collaboration with Dublin City Council’s Heritage and Archaeology Sections and is an action of the Dublin City Heritage Plan.

The Friends of Medieval Dublin, chaired by Professor Sean Duffy, is a study group whose aim is to increase knowledge about, and promote public interest in, medieval Dublin. This year the group celebrates the publication of the tenth volume of the proceedings of its Medieval Dublin Symposium, held in Trinity College Dublin in May each year.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Emer Costello has said, “this lecture series is a wonderful opportunity for modern Dubliners to learn about medieval Dubliners, and to experience the multimedia Wood Quay Venue, which is built around one of the most famous and important archaeological sites in Dublin.”

All lectures in the series commence at 1.05 p.m. and last for approximately 1 hour.

‘Tales of Medieval Dublin’ series includes:

The Abbot’s Tale - Beraid, Abbot of Dubh-Linn (died 650 AD)

* Speaker: Seán Duffy
* Date: Tuesday 15 June

The Skeleton’s Tale –An anonymous Viking warrior (died c. 830 AD)

* Speaker: Linzi Simpson
* Date: Tuesday 20 July

The Merchant’s Tale - Roger Cordwainer (fl. 1200)

* Speaker: Grace O’Keeffe
* Date: Tuesday 17 August

The Outlaw’s Tale - Henry Tyrel (died c. 1308)

* Speaker: Aíne Foley
* Date: Tuesday 21 September

The Heretic’s Tale - Adam Duff O’Toole (died 1327)

* Speaker: Bernadette Williams
* Date: Tuesday 19 October

The Wife’s Tale - Giliana de Moenis (fl. c. 1340)

* Speaker: Gillian Kenny
* Date: Tuesday 23 November

The Knight’s Tale - Sir Christopher St Lawrence (died 1589)

* Speaker: Sparky Booker
* Date: Tuesday 14 December

Notes on speakers:

* Professor Seán Duffy is a senior lecturer in Trinity College Dublin and has published extensively on medieval Ireland. He is also the chairperson of the Friends of Medieval Dublin.

* Linzi Simpson is a leading archaeologist and Senior Consultant and Project Manager with Margaret Gowen & Co. Ltd. She has been involved in excavating many of Dublin's most important medieval sites.

* Grace O'Keeffe is doing a PhD in Trinity College on the Hospital of St John the Baptist in medieval Dublin and is an IRCHSS post-graduate scholar.

* Áine Foley is a post-graduate student in Trinity College completing a PhD on society and patronage within the royal manors of south county Dublin in the later middle ages.

* Dr Bernadette Williams has a PhD from Trinity College on the Latin annals of later medieval Ireland and has also published an edition of the annals of the Franciscan Friar John Clyn of Kilkenny, famous for his account of the Black Death in Ireland.

* Dr Gillian Kenny received her PhD from Trinity College on the subject of medieval Irish women and has since published a major volume on the topic, ‘Anglo-Irish and Gaelic Women in Ireland, c.1170-1540’.

* Sparky Booker is engaged in a PhD in Trinity College exploring the society of counties Louth, Meath, Kildare and Dublin in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. She is an IRCHSS post-graduate scholar.

* The Friends of Medieval Dublin is a study group whose aim is to increase knowledge about, and promote public interest in, medieval Dublin. The first of a proposed series of annual public symposia was held in Trinity College, Dublin, in April 1999, with the general object of bringing together experts and enthusiasts, professional and amateur alike, who share an interest in the archaeology of medieval Dublin, the artefacts retrieved as a result of excavation, and the history of the city and its hinterland. The more specific object of the Friends is to provide a forum for dissemination of the results of recent important excavations in and around the medieval city.

* We will hear the stories of Roger Cordwainer, the Dubliner who was also the mayor of Bristol in 1216 and the notorious fourteenth-century outlaw, Henry Tyrel of Newcastle Lyons. We will learn why Adam Duff O’Toole was burned at the stake as a heretic in College Green in 1327 and from the surviving will of Giliana de Moenis we can gain an insight into how this wealthy Dublin woman ran her household and remembered her friends and family by bequeathing them girdles and tunics, beds and silver cups in 1348. Finally, we will hear about the tumultuous personal and public life of the controversial Sir Christopher St Lawrence, the 7th Baron of Howth, who died in 1589.
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