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Postby gunter » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:32 pm

The DCC/Sean Harrington/York Street scheme is up for shaving in the current 'ARCHITECTURE' (RIAI journal)! The piece is by a Dr. Jonathan Hale, who hales from Nottingham.

Normally RIAI feature reviews are so sweet and sugary, reading too many of them would rot your eyes, but low! . . . . along comes a sugar-free review, even incorporating a couple of mild rebukes:

[INDENT]''Compositionally the elevations adopt the principle of expressing each apartment as a distinctive unit, which in some areas - particularly on Mercer Street - results in a slightly fragmentary collage of competing forms. The more sober and taught plane of the longer York Street frontage strikes a much happier balance of size and scale . . . ''[/INDENT]

I could be waiting six months for someone to point out that this not a dissimilar view to that expressed by gunter above, so I'm just going to point it out myself ;)

In the same publication, the RIAI president's column cuts loose and carries out a high school shooting that leaves 'Luddites', [I][I]the[/I] 'angst ridden', 'Jahadists', 'Eco Artistos', 'suited proles', 'contrarians', 'neo cons' [I]and[/I] 'Evrironmental Athesists'[/I] strewn about the place in the ensuing slaughter, . . . outstanding stuff, but we'll deal with this in the appropriate place.
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Re: York Street

Postby Carmel Parakh » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:09 am

Lillian Doyle wrote:As someone who grew up in York Street (I have been out of it longer than I was in it). I would like to let you know there were some very decent people in these flats. In fact it was only in latter years that the criminal group moved in that is when most of the old tennants moved to other accommodation. I would guess you had all your belongings on the back seat of your car and can only say that the same thing would happen in London, Manchester, Madrid, Cork etc or any other major city. You can not tar everyone with the same brush.

, Good girl Lillian doyle,

I was born in York Street Number 23c, and my family name is mc dougall... and I am with you girl , it was very differant when we were little 'we had so many friend's that we used to play
on the street ,we were children and allowed to have a childhood, we skipped , we roller skated we had a friend who taught us how to ride a bike we would get chalk and draw on the road's the pavement ,played hopscotch, so those of you who choose to judge DONT like the lady said it was a very decent place until the riff raff moved in later,by the way the lounge area was large the Kitchen was small the bedroom's were e decent size and yes we did have a bathroom with a white bath and white sink ..was very clean and we had Mother's who kept us spotless and our bed's had the whitest clean sheet's on, our mother's brought us up to the best of their ability , The back yard was a great big area and yes there was green grass also, so to those of you who like to judge please don't because no one hasw the right to judge other's.

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Re: York Street

Postby Frank Taylor » Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:54 pm

Nice to hear from some residents. It's wrong to think that everyone in a street with some social problems is a criminal. Very often there is a small element causing trouble and everyone else would love to be rid of them.

This new apartment scheme doesn't look great from York Street but it's really impressive inside. The sunny courtyard works really well with lots of soft planting and reflected light from the windows. High quality materials and no sense of 'corporation housing'. It just looks very upmarket. Even the lobbies, common areas, stairs are perfectly finished. Can't fault it.

By comparison, the blocks on the other side of Mercer Street look like prisons.
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