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Postby PVC King » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:36 am

kefu wrote:A one-hour journey from Dublin to Galway/Limerick etc would only concentrate further economic activity around the capital. We would then have the strong possibility of people commuting from these cities, a virtual replication of the extant problem with car commuters transferred to long-distance rail commuters.
Building a high-speed rail line between Manchester and London is one thing when you have two separate population centres, both with a greater number of people than this entire country.
If people complain about economic value from the infrastructural projects we have, the motorway projects, Metro etc, then how can they suggest a €20 billion investment on high-speed between Galway and Dublin or elsewhere is viable. On no possible measure does it add up.

I agree; the project highlighted above was Eurostar which is expected to carry 10m passenger journeys this year; a very good project that dislodged London-Paris as the Worlds busiest air-route where fares averaged c€200 for a round trip so premium prices could easily be charged. I raised the costs of London - Manchester merely to give an indication on costs of construction.

You are right to argue that neither end of the bar-bell in Cork or Dublin have sufficient population to make such an investment viable. But lets be honest with some of the road projects that have been built or the proposed MN you must ask does the Dept of Transport understand the concept of viability?
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Re: New Dublin Outer Ring Road

Postby johnglas » Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:05 pm

kefu: not wishing to be argumentative (indeed, not like me), but I wish people in Ireland would stop copying Pat Kenny in claiming that 'Manchester' has a greater population than 'the entire country' of Ireland. The last time I looked, Greater Manchester had a population of c. 2.5m; Ireland (Republic) has c.4.5m; Ireland (island) has c.6.3m. Indeed, Ireland has a greater population than the mighty Manchester and Liverpool combined (i.e. c. 2.5m + 1.5m = c.4.0m), but so what? There are many small countries of around 4-5m. Do I detect a colonial cringe, kefu?
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