South Dublin County Council - Arts in Architecture Bursary

South Dublin County Council - Arts in Architecture Bursary

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South Dublin County Council – Artists Bursary Award Scheme 2004

Arts in Architecture Bursary

The South Dublin County Council Artists Bursary Scheme aims provide support for individual artists to pursue a particular project or to further or enhance their career within the arts. We encourage applications from artists engaging with unusual or challenging forms and concepts in their practice, and artists exploring different ways to address complexity and/or engage with 'an audience'. The successful applicant’s proposal should endeavour to be developmental in the context of the artist’s work/medium as well as the artist’s personal development.

Assessment Criteria and Selection
The selection judges will develop a shortlist of applications that best meet the selection criteria and may request further information to help in the assessment of the shortlisted applications. The applicant can choose to respond in writing or verbally (e.g. by email, on the phone or in an interview). The selection panel may also decide not to seek further information of short-listed applicants.

The bursary has a value of €2,000 for each category, however, in exceptional circumstances the selection panel may award less than the amount requested.

Architecture Bursary
In application for the 2004 South Dublin County Council architecture bursary, artists are asked to respond to the following brief:

‘A new, different urban world is being created at the edge of Dublin city. This environment (suburban, subrural, subcultural) is an increasingly typical expression of the European city. It challenges our notions of urbanity and the meaning of place, yet it continues as our model of growth. It has defining characteristics and conditions, which despite their ubiquity are little understood.’

Projects are invited which examine and explore the physical, social and cultural implications of these development processes. Issues to be addressed might include new urban and building types; collisions of scale; radical rates of change; hyper-intensity and ‘bigness’; design for different speeds; patchworks; the effect of these changes on the meaning of home and workplace.

Submissions may be in the form of essays, projects, film or photographs.

In selection of a bursary winner, submitted proposals will be assessed using the below listed criteria:

• the uniqueness of the proposal and imaginative approaches to notions of process.
• the extent to which the proposed process shows clear artistic direction and vision.
• a commitment to innovation in form and content.
• the significance of the proposal to the artistic development of the applicant.
• the viability of the proposal and the ability of the applicant to realise their aspirations within the time and resources available.
• demonstrable need for financial assistance.

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