Belvidere Vrs. Belvedere, Dublin 1.

Belvidere Vrs. Belvedere, Dublin 1.

Postby ConK » Wed Jul 07, 2004 3:24 pm

anybody know why there are 2 spellings; Belvidere (belvidere Avenue, Belvidere Court) and Belvedere(Road, and Place).
Just a mispelling along the way?

Does anyone have any information about a small Georgian street called Belvidere Avenue off the North Circular Road.

What I know(from Thoms); Built in 1815, called North Anne Street. Renamed in 1816 to North East Anne Street, (cause they didn't realise the name "North Anne Street" was taken, the mail must have been a mess), renamed Belvidere Avenue in 1876.

Any info would be good.
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Postby PVC King » Wed Jul 07, 2004 10:06 pm

Using basic research tools it runs from NCR to Cambells Row.

There is no listing for Belvidere, so that must be a typo. there are 23 plots listed with one omitted and another demolished.

Go to the Land registry they will have the answer although I suspect it would have been called Belvedere all along, after the great House in Co Westmeath itself taken from an Italian influence.
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