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Hi all,
I'm currently working on my thesis, I'm a masters student in multimedia, and am undertaking a group project.

Let me firstly explain what we are about, basically for our thesis, we are aiming to produce a documentary on Dublin sub cultures and their interactions with public space, using the concepts of hardspace and softspace.

Some of our objectives are:
To document how specific sub cultures interact and use public space.
To study the users interpretations of space to create their own personal ‘architecture’

Our main choice of sub-cultures are:
- Graffiti Artists
- Skateboarders
- Globalise Resistance
- Illegal Courier Racing

We are in the middle of in-depth research and we are approaching people we feel would enhance our ideas.
As we don't want a biased viewpoint, we would like to hear other viewpoint about this subject. How you feel about people usage of their environment, how people create their own architecture...

As architects, you would obviously be in tune with Dublin City and it's architecture.

At the moment we are formulating questions, so if there is anyone out there, who feels they would like to know more, we would gladly email you an outline of our proposal, and also a list of questions, if you'd be available for interview....
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