Galway, City Architect?

Postby garethace » Tue Feb 10, 2004 4:54 pm

BTW, I should qualify the above long statement perhaps, to include the argument - that for any society to produce good architecture and notable architectural talents - there should first of all be a respect and appreciation of such values by the wider society, clients and patronage in general.

So while much of the above may be aimed directly at a system of education - the very same accusations could also be leveled at our urban property developers etc, etc, etc, etc. Which of course, brings in the notion of marketing and architecture again - for one of the basic rules about marketing, is to educate your prospective market first.

That certainly must become a duty of the architectural profession from now on I think. And perhaps it is time for highly professional dedicated marketing of the architect and the services provided. Considering I have studied architecture for so long, and it has taken me so long, to understand basic realities about good architecture, how are the mass public supposed to understand anything?

And in that sense, as a profession I think we have been incredibly naive and even 'un-professional' or to put it even more bluntly 'amateur'. Sort of like a collection of warm hearted, well meaning concerned buffunes, rather than cold, calculating professionals.

So perhaps more air miles are necessary, but I still don't want to actually abstain Irish architects in general, from the responsibility to 'get out into the cold and the elements' from time to time, away from the comfort of a drawing board, computer screen and office - to actually investigate what problems/challenges there are facing the built environment here in this country of ours alone.

I mean, that is really what I wished to underline here, and here. Or even here.

Brian O' Hanlon.
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Re: Galway, City Architect?

Postby nuac » Fri May 21, 2010 4:49 pm

Don't know if Galway ever got it's City Architect.

Westport about 5,500 pop has had it's own Town Architect for years. He has an input into every planning application, and in particular pre-planning meetings.

Town looks well.
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