Re-Development of Wilton shopping center

Re-Development of Wilton shopping center

Postby ToMuchFreeTime » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:16 pm

Well it look like finaly there has been some plans layed out for the long over due redevelopment of wilton shopping center. Plan includes shops, hotel, conference center, offices and student appartmants. But i wouldn't be holding my breathe that you will see this happening any time soon as they are looking for 10 year planning permission.

units 1 to 44 will be demolished that includes pennys. Notably the tesco end of the shopping center is not going to be touched as you can se from the plan. I think a much more usefull plan for the area would be created with the inclusion of the tesco site. well its early days yet, might happen down the line.

On the application itself. I'm not sure about it yet. Not to many good quality draws available(Non engineer). But what i will say is that the redevelopment of the area is well over due. I also like the fact that there has been provision for a civic space(wilton square). I also think that before construction begins on this, that they should try and aquire the tesco site and make a real go at it. Sure why not grab the ESB headquarters to the south of it as well. ;)

Application can be viewed here:

For 10 year planning permission for the mixed use development of Wilton Shopping Centre on a site of 6.1ha which is located to the south of Bishopstown Road, to the east of Cardinal Way and to the west of Sarsfield Road at Wilton, Cork. The development will consist of the demolition of Unit No.s 1 – 44, including the Penney’s Store, of the existing Wilton Shopping Centre building, which is located to the immediate north and north east of the existing Bank of Ireland Bank building, Tesco Store and adjoining 10 no retail units (Units Nos. 45-55), which are to be retained.

The proposal is for a mixed use development of 4 no blocks, Blocks A-D, ranging in height from 4 to 7 no. storeys (maximum overall building height of 33.7 metres), over double basement, arranged around a network of pedestrian streets and a new open space, Wilton Town Square, which is proposed to the north of the SMA Community Centre and Bishopstown Library and east of Cardinal Way.

The proposal consists of a total proposed Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 78,475sq.m. comprising of retail and retail services (including café/restaurant uses) floorspace with a GFA of 27,126sq.m.; a 13 no screen cinema with a GFA of 6,789sq.m.; a 141 no bedroom hotel with a GFA of 7,614sq.m.; a multi function conference centre with a GFA of 8,176sq.m., including ancillary areas and an exhibition space/viewing gallery; 9 no student accommodation units, providing 47 no bed spaces with a GFA of 1,951sq.m.; medical services with a GFA of 5,970sq.m.; and offices with a GFA of 10,092sq.m. In addition 10,584sq.m. of floorspace dedicated to landlord areas is proposed, including food court seating, toilets, shared cores, general circulation, mechanical and electrical rooms and service corridors. The total floor area of all levels including the double basement is 130,386 sq.m. (An EIS and further details of development are available on file)

Almost forgot the middle image is the proposed building facing onto wilton roundabout. and the bottom image is the conference center.
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