Atlantic Council, Cork???

Atlantic Council, Cork???

Postby lexington » Tue Jul 06, 2004 5:59 pm

Yes, in what is a somewhat bizzare, development - a number of mid-west politicians had been calling on Bertie to propose the installation of an Atlantic Council - a sort of political, economic and social go-between body to strengthen damaged relations between the EU and USA. The council, to be funded 50-50 between the EU and US governments was proposed for location at Shannon - for historical and job reasons no less - and would nurture the ties between the world's 2 most formiddable democracies.

However, Bertie never did mention the idea at the EU-USA summit in Dromoland Castle, nor the G8 - undoubtedly he would have got some fairly odd looks had he - is it really necessary to waste more tax-payers money both sides of the Atlantic on another governing institution? How about a simple phone call now and then???

Nonetheless, local political circles and development clauses have seen the location of Shannon become invalid (LONG STORY! - I mean it would have to be, its politics!) - so picking up on the idea, a number of local developers and politicians have pitched the idea of establishing the Atlantic Council premises for the Cork City Docklands. With a potential 600,000sq m of available space, facilities that only come available with urban areas, grand new airport and soon to be launched scheduled transatlantic flights (see Aer Lingus CEO interview 13th June 2004 - Sunday Business Post) between Cork and New York JFK (think UN) - Cork has been proposed as the 'ideal' location. It has also been suggested as an ideal admin and political counter-weight from Dublin, which should concentrate on national admin. Estimated cost? 250-million euro. Hmmm. I think somehow, this is another Vega City. But hey, this would provide REAL amusement value.
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Postby d_d_dallas » Wed Jul 07, 2004 11:31 am

dream on - shannon region has been artificially kept alive for years on the back of the taxpayer - why would that change now?
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