Builders/Engineers Obligations

Builders/Engineers Obligations

Postby JacobsSlave » Wed Mar 07, 2007 7:42 pm

The storey so far,

My brother had his house built 3 years ago. A yrear and a half ago he started having damp problems and water leaking through the concrete barge. Damp marks leading to fungus growth started on walls in the middle of the walls on ground floor, and in window reveals, in the middle of first floor walls (approx where lead flasing is at abutment with wall), and in the attic water is visibly dripping in, saturating structural timbers. see pics.

The engineer had alredy sent a letter out prior to any problems, saying he was finished with the house, as did the builder, as for his contract. Basically builders contract said that 6 months after handover, he's not responsible for any problems. Surely he cannot escape that easy when there is this much trouble with a relatively new house..

help greately appreciated.

Builder had alredy come out when problem first started, and applied silicone to barge to solve the proble.. how ridiculous is that.


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Re: Builders/Engineers Obligations

Postby tyrrp » Wed Mar 07, 2007 8:07 pm

There are statutory periods that a builder is responsible for faults in a build. I am sure that 3 years is within that. Also due to the fact that the builder already accepted there was a fault and tried to repair but failed he would be obliged to return and fix the faults.

Your best bet is to get a survey done and find out if any building regulations were broken (which obviously there were) then approach the builder and engineer. If you havn't done so already start out as nice as you can and see how they react. You might find they will come around easily. If not then produce your evidence. Keep records of all letters, faxes, e-mail and phone calls.

Talk to your solicitor and perhaps the bank who should have had the house surveyed for the mortgage.
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