re: Planning advice for Restaurant

re: Planning advice for Restaurant

Postby construct_06 » Thu Jan 25, 2007 3:59 pm

i will soon be preparing a planning application for the following scenario and i am just wondering what is involved.

A 2 storey premises which is in a small town is fronting onto a footpath and public roadway in the center of the town.

The front elevation consists of:

Left hand side: a shop window and door
middle: door leading to hallway for apartments
right hand side: a shop window and door

The sides of the building are right up to the boundaries also.

There is very little openspace associated with the property only a small back yard.

This 2 storey building has been used in the following way previously:

upstairs: living accomodation (2 no. apartments)
downstairs: video shop on one side and offices on the other

Now here is the trick bit, if u have managed to understand the above

--The owner has now opened up a restaurant in the downstairs portion of the building without planning permission.


i believe the path to regularising this situation will involve:

a fire cert

an application for retention of the material change of use


is this correct?
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Re: Planning advice for Restaurant

Postby PVC King » Thu Jan 25, 2007 4:59 pm

He will the need both that you have mentioned plus

A restaurant licence

Plus clearance from environmental health

Sign of the times really when you see small video stores closing; I know that the major players are not looking at anything below 5000 sq ft these days and almost prefer retail parks to suburban locations.
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