Why Will Irish Planning Enforcement Not Enforce?

Why Will Irish Planning Enforcement Not Enforce?

Postby geraldine44 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:47 pm

I live in a small georgian terace in dublin 3. My new neighbours got permission to add a very large extension to the rear of the property, along with completely gutting the house and just leaving the adjoinin[e terrace walls and the front facade. I did not object as i believed them when the said they would not damage my property. Much damage has been done and this is a civil mater now. Had i objected they would not have received permission as it is a very imposing structure.the building is in year 2 of construction. As regards planning matters i have 2 problems i need help with. Condition 2 attached to the planning register states that the external finish shall harmonise in colour and texture with the existing finish on the house. The plans at dublin city council clearly display a stone or rendered finish on the extension. The finish on the extension that has been demolished was a rendered finish painted white, and the finish on the original rear of the property was stone. Despite this the owners and the representatives erected a yellow cream brick facade which i atthe time presumed would be rendered. When i realised this did not look likely i contacted enforcement and some time later an enforcement officer came out, once only and i was subsequently informed in writing that the owners and their architects were contacting me immediately for access to my side to render the building. I was happy with this. At the same time my second problem was adressed. It relates to an area off the first floor bedroom of the extension which overlooks my garden. The planner had told me on the phone that this area was a flat roof area with no access and as the owner had said he intended to rail it off as a balcony, the planner told me to contact enforcement. Enforcement told me they would take the owner to court if he attemped to use this as a balcony, and put this in writing to me. Stressful but sorted i thought. I received no letter re the rendering and kept enforcement informed by e mail. Very suddenly in early october i had a letter from enforcement informing me that they were closing the file and giving a very lame excuse that i can clearly prove as rubbish as to their reasons. I ofered them this proof, i wrote to the planner, i wrote to the manager of dublin city council. I have received no answers to my questions surrounding these matters. The architects and engineers for the owner are considered eminent and high powered in this city and the owner is well connected in the buildingg industry. I ask is it possible that this affects enforcement decisions/ i hope not but have to consider it. I ask if anyone can help direct me as lobbying dublin city council is just getting me nowhere. I ask has anyone had similar experiences and what did they do about it? Thanks
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Re: Why Will Irish Planning Enforcement Not Enforce?

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:09 pm

You are suggesting collusion and corruption without any real evidence. Although you have not named the architects or client, you have named the city manager and planning department. Again without any evidence. I am c;losing this thread as I am not opening Archiseek to the chances of legal action.
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